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Distinct American Regions

Distinct American Regions - MaCauley 1 Clayton A MaCauley...

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MaCauley 1 Clayton A. MaCauley Professor Choi/Yamato Asian American Studies 33A October 11, 2007 Distinct American Regions Two distinct regions grew out of the startup colonies on the East Coast of American in the 17 th and 18 th century. The northern region, New England, people of different religions and backgrounds settled in to a rough territory. Certain type of (beside those in New England) people made home in the Chesapeake region. New England develops a greater society with its diversity of races widely range of classes and other key areas of society, unlike the strong areas in the Chesapeake region. New England, with its huge amount of diversity of immigrants, became a place where anybody could build a home. For example, immigrants from every European Nation traveled to the New England region to establish a settlement. Instead European countries’ borders blocking people from interacting, people stood only a few feet away from each other to gather when arriving in the New World. Once gather with one another, they could communicate about each other differences. The cultural interactions would help them learn a different perspective from one another. Furthermore, the region hosted many different religions. People could practice their religion without the government prosecution for their worship of a different god. A wonderful
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situation created for the government and the people to trust one another. Finally, Africans and Native Americans even made peaceful living arrangements with European Settlers. Anybody could consider Africans at the most free in the region. “Several young men had enrolled in Harvard’s Indian College, where they learned to write English and Latin with any eye toward entering ministry” (Jones P.70). Native Americans proactively look toward acceptance of European ways without giving up their heritage. Educated American Indian served as example
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Distinct American Regions - MaCauley 1 Clayton A MaCauley...

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