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MaCauley 1 Clayton A. MaCauley Professor Yamoto and Habal Asian American Studies 33B - Section 6 March 13, 2008 Title Asian Americans thought of California as “Gold Mountain”. Gold Mountain held jobs for many Asian American, and Asian American traveled overseas to a job to earn money. While on the territory of Hawaii, new plantation owners sought laborers to work for their businesses. The Asian Americans in Hawaii and California lived similar lifestyles, but their cultural and gender created little differences. Most Asian Americans found in Hawaii and California jobs as labor and few other ventures. Plantation recruiters sailed to China and persuaded natives living in poverty to travel these areas as labor. The Chinese males thought they could improve their status and lifestyle at home by jobs provide by recruiters. If the Chinese males stayed at home, they would not raise to a higher status in their own society. The Japanese also thought about raising themselves out of poverty by going to these California and the Hawaiian territory. They arrived in both areas and signed a contract to work for certain numbers of years. The Japanese thought after working hard in America for those years, they would go back to their families. The Filipinos found jobs by those who did not want to work. Other Asians Americans perform strikes to get better conditions. Therefore, plantation owners brought in the Filipinos to get work done, and get other Asians American to work. Private enterprises gave the Asian American labor status, but citizenship depended on the United States government.
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MaCauley 2 California’s government and citizens thought of all Asians as not citizens of the United States. Government leaders thought they were not pure “white” citizens. They define a “white”
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First Essay - MaCauley 1 Clayton A MaCauley Professor...

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