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MaCauley 1 Clayton A. MaCauley Professor Yamato and Habal Asian American Studies 33B – Section 6 1 May 2006 An Asian American Economic Necessity Mike Muranaka’s life started from Osaka, Japan. His mother conceived him on December 16, 1976. At the time, his father, 28, work as an auto mechanic and his mother, 27, worked as an accountant. Mike Muranaka grew up in his early years in Osaka, Japan. Most of his family stayed together in Osaka. His uncle, in need of educational needs, decided to travel to America from Japan. He arrived in Oregon to work as fruit picker. Mike’s Uncle picked fruit to earn money for him. Soon, his father, mother, and he would follow his uncle to America for economic need. Mike Muranaka lives a life mostly out of economic necessity. Mike thought he found a better settlement than his previous surroundings. While living in Osaka, Japan he lived inside a city surrounding. The city surrounding does not give him enough space as young kid. He needed to roam free unlike other kids in his surroundings. He found his surrounding in American wide-open space. He started in Oregon where most of the land opens up to everyone. Mike opened his eyes up to most of what America looked like for him. America looked greener than usual place for Mike Muranaka. The green environment provided a new image of what America or another country could look like. Mike appreciated the new surrounding than his older one. This new surrounding furthered his idea to settle down in America. Mr. Muranaka never felt like he should settle down Japan. He had gotten use to the lifestyle of living in America. Mike gained the America lifestyle by seeing the American lifestyle
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MaCauley 2 firsthand. With only knowing the American lifestyle, he has lived it himself in America. He also could live in a better economic prosperity in America. Japan, most of the time, develop a terrible economic situation compares to America. Mike stayed in America, which created better economic situations for people. Mike also thought he could earn a better situation from an excellent education. He found the educational experience to develop better than Japanese educational system. His finding of education would help him throughout his life. The life of Mike Muranaka would get him to where he needed to go. Mike has lived a typical grade school experience like any other grade school student. He
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Oral Report - MaCauley 1 Clayton A. MaCauley Professor...

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