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F04ex1 - Chemistry 230002 First Examination Name(please...

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Chemistry 230–002 First Examination September 28, 2004 Name (please PRINT LEGIBLY) (last) (first) Problem Score 1. (a–e) /28 2. (a–d) /20 3. (a–d) /16 4. (a–d) /16 5. (a–e) /20 Total /100 Please, please , PLEASE observe the following. 1) Write LARGE and LEGIBLY. If I can’t read what you write, I can’t give you full or partial credit. 2) Read each question carefully before answering. If you don’t answer the question I posed, you won’t get credit. 3) For questions with multiple parts, be consistent. Your answer to a later part will be graded based on the earlier part being correct, whether or not it actually is. For example, suppose I asked the following questions: (a) What is the hybridization of the C atom in methane? (5 pts) (b) What is the H–C–H bond angle? (5 pts) Three students gave the following answers: Student 1 Student 2 Student 3 (a) sp 2 sp 2 sp 3 (b) 120° 109° 109° Score: 0 pts + 5 pts 0 pts + 0 pts 5 pts + 5 pts Student 1 correctly answered (b) given her answer for (a). Student 2 incorrectly answered (b) given his answer for (a), even though (b) is formally correct. Student 3 correctly answered both (a) and (b) and got full credit for the question.
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2 (1) (28 pts. total.)
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