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Instructions on Obtaining a BruinCard PIN 1. Open Internet browser and go to 2. At the bottom of the page, under the Customer Service section, click on “Update Your PIN”. 3. Click “OK” to the message “This feature is to obtain or change your Personal Identification Number…”. 4. Select “Request Temporary Web Access Code” and then click “Continue” . 5. Enter the information in the proper format . For example: Bruincard Holder UID: 123456789 Date of Birth: 06241970 Social Security: 2333 (just the last 4 digits of the SSN) Pin email address: If the data is entered correctly, you should receive an email that contains the Temporary Web Access Code. If you do not receive an email, go back to step 1. ****NOTE**** this access code will not work at the PIN pad at the reader. You must first use your Temporary Wed Access Code and obtain a PIN. Go on to next step.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. When you receive your Temporary Web Access Code, go back to and click on the Update Your PIN option. 7. Select Establish new PIN or change current PIN and then click on Continue 8. Enter the information in the proper format. Lets say that the temporary PIN that was sent to you was 711717. You should fill out the form as follows: Bruincard Holder UID: 123456789 Current PIN or Temporary Web Access Code: 711717 New PIN: XXXXXX (Note: Your PIN must be 6 digits, first digit may not be zero) Confirm NEW PIN: XXXXXX (Re-enter your PIN to confirm) Then click on Submit. 9. If the information was entered correctly, you now have a PIN that you can use at the door reader PIN pad. 10. In case you forget your PIN, just go back to and click on Forgot my PIN and follow the instructions....
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