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Art pd 4.- TERM PAPER. The Metropolitan Museum of art has a vast variety of Greek sculptors. Their Greek galleries show naked human sculptors, the Greeks sculpted the human body from so many perspectives because they believed that the human body was perfect. These sculptors had many different poses. They emphasized on the facial appearances with many detailed features. The statue of Kouros is made of real marble made in 580 B.C. It was carved in the early sixth century and it was one of the first freestanding statues of its time. Kouros originated from Attica, Athens. This sculptors focuses on two important principles in Greek art, it emphasizes lifelike vitality, and a beneath surface appearance. The Greeks learned how to carve their statues from the Egyptians and they learned how to use their tools in such a way that they were able to perfect their sculptors. The Neck amphora is another Greek art; this one is a Greek vase. The Greek vases focused on their contrasting colors of black and brown, with a little white. The Amphora tells a
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