Chemist essay - Question: What do you do at work? Could you...

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Question: What do you do at work? Could you describe a typical day, please. What do you like best and worst? I dropped this question before, but haven't received an answer yet. ionic woman Answer: This question will vary depending on the chemist. I'm a graduate student doing research at the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee. A typical day would be to set up and run some reactions that I'm studying. Each one takes about one and a half hours to complete. In the mean time, I'll do the write-up of what I'm trying to accomplish. Once the reactions are done, I have to do a lot of number crunching. ..calculations to figure out if the data from the instruments I'm using is valuble, makes sense, is useless, and so on. Computers so most of this work. When the calculations are done, I have to figure out why what happened, happened. There are meetings twice a week with other members of the research group and professors. There we brainstorm about what happened during the week with the projects and where we can go from what we have. Teaching duties are also intertwined in my week. Hope this helps. If you want specifics, let me know. Chemistry BA/BS MS PhD Less than 12 months $32,000 $44,500 $63,250 12-36 months $35,000 $45,000 $72,500 More than 12 months $34,000 $54,000 $77,500 Job Success Step One. First, if you haven t already done so, make a thorough examination of yourself as to whether you really do want to go into chemistry and become a chemist. Do you know what becoming a chemist entails? Spend a few days, or longer, doing this self examination. Just make sure that becoming a chemist is really what
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Chemist essay - Question: What do you do at work? Could you...

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