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MMW 5 Cassedy OUTLINE RELIGION IN THE NINETEENTH CENTURY THE SOCIAL GOSPEL MOVEMENT The legacy of the eighteenth century Immanuel Kant, Religion within the Bounds of Reason Alone (1793) The nineteenth century David Friedrich Strauss (1808-74), The Life of Jesus (1835-36) Religion as myth Strauss’s method Ludwig Feuerbach (1804-72), The Essence of Christianity (1841) Religion = consciousness of infinity = man’s consciousness of his own infinite essence Consciousness of God = man’s self-consciousness Religion = relation of man to himself Ernest Renan (1823-92), Life of Jesus (1863) Gospel stories from secular point of view
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Unformatted text preview: • Praises Jesus for attaining immortality Biblical scholarship • The Documentary Hypothesis, archeology, textual analysis • Authorship and dating of books of the Bible Social Gospel Charles Monroe Sheldon (1857-1946), In His Steps (1897) Walter Rauschenbusch (1861-1918), Christianity and the Social Crisis (1907) • Historical conditions that inspire the call to action: capitalism is the great culprit • Poverty is unacceptable • Theological basis: Kingdom of God • Prophetic period = culmination of Judaism • “Historical science.” • Jesus as revolutionary...
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outline_social_gospel_s108 - • Praises Jesus for...

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