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ID questions: 9/11 Commission report: 1. Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon The US. 2. Commission created by Congress and the President, 27 November 2002. 3. Commission reviewed more than 2.5m pages of documents and interviewed more than 1,200 individuals in ten countries. 4. Thomas Kean, the commission chairman, is a Republican former governor of New Jersey. 5. Lee Hamilton, the commission vice chair, is the president and director of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for scholars in Washington, DC A Democrat, he served 17 terms as a US representative from Indiana. 6. Conclusions- Four kinds of failure: - Imagination - Policy - Capabilities - Management Able Archer 1. Ten-day NATO exercise starting on November 2, 1983 that spanned the continent of Europe and stimulated a coordinated nuclear release. 2. The realistic nature of the exercise, coupled with deteriorating relations between the US and the SU, led some in the USSR to believe that Able Archer 83 was a genuine nuclear fire strike. 3. In response, the soviets readied their nuclear forces and placed air units in East Germany and Poland on alert. 4. This relative obscure incident is considered by many historians to be the closet the world has come to nuclear war since the Cuban Missile crisis in 1962. Americanization 1. It is the term used for the influence the USA has on the culture of other countries, resulting in such a phenomena as the substitution of a given culture with American culture. 2. Linden Johnson Americanized the Vietnam War because he thought: a. He had to react to a perceived threat b. It would help his party in elections c. The US military commitment would be short and limited d. Allies would expect US to act e. It would improve both his personal and his party’s credibility. August Pinochet 1. On September 11, 1973, Pinochet recently appointed Commander-in-chief of the Chilean Army, launched a coup d’etat against Socialist President Salvador Allende and established a military government. 2. He ruled from 1974 to 1990 and his regime instituted a highly controversial campaign against leftist political parties, including mass murder and the repression of civil liberties.
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3. At the time of his death in December 2006, around 300 criminal charges were still pending against him in Chile for human rights abuses, tax evasion and embezzlement under his rule and afterwards. Berlin Wall 1. It was a barrier separating West Berlin from East Berlin and the rest of East Germany 2. The wall divided East and West Berlin for 28 years, from the day construction began on August 13, 1961 until it was dismantled in 1989. 3. It was dismantled, as part of a larger frame of Soviet-American relations, 4. The November 9 th Berlin press conference that expressed trips will be allowed from East to West. However, statements were unclear, thus leading the press on the dismantlement on the event before it actually happened. 4. It the most significant event, leading to the end of the Cold War
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review_100 - ID questions 9/11 Commission report 1 Final...

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