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soc study guide 1

soc study guide 1 - Soc 2 Summer Session 1 2008 Exam I...

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Soc 2 Summer Session 1, 2008 Exam I study guide There will be two sections to the exam: multiple choice 40 to 60 percent and open ended 40 to 60 percent. This study guide is intended to help you organize and focus your preparation for the exam. The study guide has two parts. In part one, I provide a list of concepts, terms, topics, and people that will be particularly important. In part two, I provide open ended questions. Some of these questions will appear on the actual exam. Some open ended questions will be converted to multiple choice questions. There may be some multiple choice questions that are not indicated on this study guide. Part I. Know the information that surrounds the following concepts, issues, theories, and people. C. W. Mills Sociological Imagination PSP SSP Spuriousness Independent Variable Dependent Variable Positivism Interpretive sociology Verstehen Reliability Validity Concept Variable Measurement Inductive Deductive Social Cognition Exchange Theory Symbolic Interactionism Ethnomethodology Structural Functionalism Social Structure and Personality Cognitive Structures Schemas Role Schemas Talcott Parsons Quantitative George Homans Peter Blau Richard Emerson Karen Cook Linda Molm George Herbert Mead Charles Horton Cooley Herbert Blumer Gary Alan Fine Patricia Adler Peter Adler John Lofland Lyn Lofland John Hewitt David Snow Qualitative Ethnomethodology Harold Garfinkel James House Socialization Primary Socialization Secondary Socialization Role Taking Preparatory Stage Play Stage Game Stage Generalized Other Gregory Stone William Corsaro Tamotsu Shibutani Reference Group Anticipatory Socialization Status Passage Epiphany I Me Self-indication Self-concept Self-attitudes
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