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CPE111 - Lecture #14 Example #1 Example : A header is a large pipe which collects flow from several smaller pipes. In a refinery, the steam condensate header collects 500 kg/h water from the low pressure steam system and 150 kg/h water from the high pressure steam system. Five percent is purged. The remainder flows to the boilers. What is the total flow rate to the boilers? Assume Steady State (nothing changes with time). Problem-Solving Strategy DEFINE Problem: Two streams coming together, some is purged (sent to waste), remainder fed to boilers; What is the flow rate to the boiler? Data: Feed stream 1 - 500 kg/h Feed stream 2 - 150 kg/h Both are water Purge = 5% EXPLORE Possible Solution Method: Work out total water rate going into the header in kg/h Calculate the purge rate in kg/h Calculate the difference to give the feed rate to the boilers in kg/h PLAN Data / relationships needed: Feed rate to header = sum of the two stream rates feed rate to boilers = feed rate to header - 5% OR feed rate to boilers = 95% x feed rate to header
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CPE111-Lecture_14-07-solutions - CPE111 - Lecture #14...

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