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Social Psychology II – Sample Exam Questions 1) Definition : A communal relationship involves a focus on ____________. a) reciprocal behaviors; if I help you, you need to help me. b) the rewards and costs in this relationship compared to others. c) the best interests of the other person; what do you need? d) my own best interests; what can you do for me? 2) Conceptual : A focus on reciprocal behaviors rather than looking out for the interests of the other person reflects the difference between:
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Unformatted text preview: a) an exchange and communal relationship. b) an insecure and secure attachment style. c) a narcissist and an extravert. d) a friendship and a romantic relationship. 3) Application : In your friendship with Isaiah, you gave him a ride last week and now you expect him to do a favour for you. This is an example of: a) a relationship investment. b) an exchange relationship. c) a communal relationship. d) inequity....
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