Lab 2B- #1 - Experiment #1 Hooke's Law June 30, 2008 Erin...

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Experiment #1 – Hooke’s Law June 30, 2008 Erin Samplin
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Abstract The main purpose of this laboratory experiment is to calculate the spring constant for a given spring and to determine the effective spring constant. Students will utilize a spring mass system to calculate displacement values from an equilibrium position. Using the equation for the elastic nature of a spring, F s =kx, where F s is the spring force, k is the spring constant, and x is the displacement from the equilibrium position, the value for k can be determined. The value for k was determined to be 85.0 N/m. Students will then be able to determine the value of the effective spring constant for springs in a parallel configuration, springs in a series configuration, and springs in a mixed configuration. These values, based on the calculated spring constant, will be compared to the theoretical values. The percent error for the effective spring constant of the parallel configuration was 18.1%, for the series configuration was 19.4 %, and for the mixed configuration was 4.34 %. Possible errors include gross error, systematic error, and random error. Discussion Diagram Equations The following equations will be used in this laboratory experiment: F s = kx where F s = spring force (N), k = spring constant or force constant (N/m), and x = displacement from the equilibrium position (m). Slope = ∆Y / ∆X where ∆Y = Y 2 – Y 1 , and ∆X = X 2 -X 1 . This equation will be used to calculate the slope of the graph of F s vs. x in order to calculate the spring constant, k. K
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Lab 2B- #1 - Experiment #1 Hooke's Law June 30, 2008 Erin...

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