06_Evolution of sex chromosomes

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1 Figure 1. Vertebrate sex determination systems. Phylogeny of major vertebrate clades showing the sex determining systems found in members of the respective clade. 'Multiple' indicates involvement of more than one pair of chromosomes in sex determination. Dates of divergence are taken from 42, 82 and 83. TSD: temperature-dependent sex determination. http://scienceblogs.com/evolgen/2006/09/phylogeny_friday_8_september_2.php 10 sex chromosomes in the duck-billed platypus! www.abc.net.au/news/newsitems/200410/s1226827.htm
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2 Fig. 3a , Inverted DAPI picture of a meiotic chain in male platypus. b , The same meiotic chain as in a , hybridized with a telomeric repeat in red (TAACCCx7). c , Order and segregation of the members of the chain (mitotic chromosomes). Nature 432, 913-917(16 December 2004) The four groups represented are birds (the chicken) and examples (human, kangaroo and platypus) of three orders of mammal. The time when each species diverged from their common ancestor is indicated in millions of years (Myr) ago. Pink indicates similarity between X chromosomes; blue, similarity to the Z
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06_Evolution of sex chromosomes -...

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