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ChemLab (Molecular Shape)

ChemLab (Molecular Shape) - 1.637 1.551(equatorial...

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Molecular Shape and Polarity October 30, 2007
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Results and Discussion: This experiment’s purpose was to determine the shapes and polarities of several molecules using the VSEPR model and a software program. The Spartan program was tested using information from a known set of molecules (ex: ammonia). The measurements taken are recorded in the following table: Molecule Ammonia SF4 CH3C l PCl5 - NO3 Bond Length (Å) 1.012 1.003 (after minimization)
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Unformatted text preview: 1.637 1.551 (equatorial) 1.785 (C-Cl) 1.078 (C-H) 2.082 (axial) 2.002 (equatorial) Bond Angle (°) 109.47 107.21 (after minimization) 86.36 104.71 (equatorial) 108.46 (Cl-C-H) 110.46 (H-C-H) 90.0 (equatorial-axial) 120.0 (equatorial-equatorial) Dipole Moment (D) 1.92 1 2.25 Partial Charge H: 0.364 N: -1.087 S: 0.737 F: -0.305 Conclusion: It can be concluded that unknown mixture 4 contained NaCl and CaC l2 ....
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ChemLab (Molecular Shape) - 1.637 1.551(equatorial...

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