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paragraph organization and context clues

paragraph organization and context clues - PARAGRAPH...

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PARAGRAPH ORGANIZATION Prepared by Ms. Jockie Lyne Mae Z. Martinez Directions: Arrange the following jumbled sentences in a way so as to make a meaningful paragraph. Mention the alphabets marked against each sentence in order as answer. 1. A. One effective way is to diversify his funds to different investments like real estate, stocks and money instruments like bonds and trust funds. B. It is always best to expand money to different investment wheels. C. A wise investor must not put all his eggs in one basket. D. He should always consider the risks involved in investing his money. A.CBAD B.CBDA C.CDAB D.CDBA 2.A. It is very vital to have social media presence however personal blogs serve as web domains. B. Most people including celebrities and businessmen have blogs nowadays. C. Therefore, building them will help anyone in promoting himself or his business. D. Apparently blogs are like our offices only they are in the internet. A.BDAC B.BADC C.BACD D.BDCA 3.A. The basic steps in building a website are easy to remember and registering a domain name is the usual priority. B. Designing a layout will come after that. C. Finally, adding more content and social media presence are required to keep your site active. D. Then you need a hosting provider to host your site’s content in the World Wide Web. A.ABCD B.ADBC C.ACBD D.ADCB 4.A. Speaking in English every day is also proven effective. B. Another way is watching English movies and TV shows particularly with English subtitles. C. Reading articles in books, newspapers, and magazines is just among the helpful ways. D. There are many ways to improve and develop English proficiency. A.DCBA B.DACB C.DABC D.DCAB 5.A. Others don’t realize yet what to pursue because they have many dreams. B. Finding the right course in college is one of the most challenging decisions anyone can make. C. Some people want to pursue their dreams ever since they were just little. D. Indeed destiny is a matter of choice. A.BDAC B.BCDA C.BADC D. BCAD 6.A. While passport, airline tickets and valid IDs are required, proof of financial capacity may be required for visa application. B. Many Filipinos rejoiced hearing that good news. C. The Bureau of Immigration announced recently that proof of financial capacity is not a primary requirement at the airport. D. Positive points go to the bureau for this. A.CBAD B.CADB C.CABD D.CBDA 7.A. This will be one of your tickets to land a job in the government. B. That is why many people apply to take the Career Service examination. C. If you passed the exam, you will get a certificate of eligibility. D. Career Service Eligibility is a major requirement to apply for a job position in the government. A.DCBA B.DBAC C.DBCA D.DCAB 8.A.Your passport will arrive in 7 days if you choose the rush processing.
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