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Unformatted text preview: PHYSICS 13 FINAL EXAM FALL 2003 NAME___________________________________________ Useful data and equations : Schrdinger equation: ( =h/2 ) h 2 2m d 2 dx 2 (x) + V(x) (x) = E (x) For two interacting bodies the m is replaced by reduced mass and x is the separation. Quantum mechanical angular momentum | L |= [ l(l +1)] 1/2 and L z = m l Note the h-bar or more generally | J | = [j(j+1)] 1/2 and J z = m j with m j = j, j-1, ..., -j Addition of orbital ( l ) and spin (1/2) angular momenta yields j= l-1/2, l +1/2. Addition of J 1 and J 2 yields sum J with quantum number j = |j 1-j 2 |, |j 1-j 2 |+1, ..., j 1 +j 2-1, j 1 +j 2 Atomic electron spectroscopic notation: n l 1 or 2 or , where n is principle quantum number, l is orbital angular momentum quantum number, l =0,1,2,...,n-1, with notation l =0->s, 1->p, 2->d, 3->f,... Avogadro's Number: N A = 6.0 x 10 23 number of atoms, molecules or nuclei in a MOLE (or gram molecular wt) Non-relativistic Kinetic Energy =mv...
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