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Ch.1 Outline - Chapter One Outline 1. Chemistry is...

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Chapter One Outline 1. Chemistry is important for anyone studying the sciences: Chemistry- science that studies the composition and properties of matter which we define as anything that takes up space and has mass. Chemists seek to learn the way substances change when they interact with each other in chemical reactions All things are composed of chemicals Chemists interested in these chemicals for their complex structures and the way they behave toward each other. 2. The scientific method helps us build models of nature: Scientific study begins with some questions about the behavior of nature – start out by examining the work of others. Then plan our own experiments (recording of observations). Observation- statement that accurately describes something we see, hear, taste, feel, or smell. In order for it to be useful needs to be the same! < Well defined experiments under carefully controlled conditions > REPRODUCIBLE. Properties – describe properties, can be seen directly. Conclusion- statement that is based on what we think about a series of observations. Properties – interprets the observations that are available. Empirical facts – observations we make in the course of performing experiments; learn them by observing some physical, chemical, or biological system. Referred to as data. Law or Scientific law- broad generalization based on the results of many experiments. Mostly expressed in form mathematical equations. Can only state what happens; can’t explain why substances behave the way they do. Theoretical models- mental pictures that enable scientists to explain observed laws. Hypothesis- tentative explanations tested by performing experiments that test predictions derived from the model. If model survives repeated testing -> theory. Theory- tested explanation of the behavior of nature.
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Ch.1 Outline - Chapter One Outline 1. Chemistry is...

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