Ch.1 Review Ques - Scientific Method: 1.8 A. Data-...

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Scientific Method: 1.8 A. Data- observations recorded in the course of performing an experiment relating to a physical, chemical, or biological systems B. Hypothesis- tentative explanations C. Law- when a generalization is uniformly applicable based on the results of many experiments D. Theoretical Model- mental pictures that enable scientists to explain observed laws Properties of Substances: 1.11, 1.16, 1.18 How does a physical change differ from a chemical change? When a solid melts, is the change a physical or a chemical change? a physical change is one that can be observed without changing the chemical makeup of a substance and a chemical change is when a substance undergoes a chemical reaction. Melting is a physical change because there is no change in the chemical makeup of the substance In places like Saudi Arabia, freshwater is scarce and is recovered from seawater. When seawater is boiled, the water evaporates and the steam can be condensed to give pure water that people can drink. If all the water is evaporated, solid salt is left behind. Are the changes described here chemical or physical? They’re physical because the chemical composition of the substances doesn’t change, they are only separated. Name two intensive properties that you could use to distinguish between water and gasoline. Give one chemical property you could use. Color and boiling point are intensive properties that could be used to distinguish between water and gasoline. The chemical property I could use would be to heat both substances in a flame. Types of materials: 1.20 What are the three states of matter? Gas, liquid, solid
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Ch.1 Review Ques - Scientific Method: 1.8 A. Data-...

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