Ch.2 Notes - Ch. 2 I. II. III. IV. V. Symbols/Formulas...

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Ch. 2 I. Symbols/Formulas II. Ionic/Molecular compounds III. Equations IV. Energy V. Nomenclature* Symbols Chemical Formula : o H 2 diatomic o N 2 O 4 element symbol o CuCl 2 # of atoms in molecule *Formulas specify composition of substance Hydrates : o Compounds that contain water molecules o Ex. Na 2 SO 4 x 10H 2 O NEEDED SKILL: Counting atoms from formulas o Ex. Mg(OH)2 CuCl 2 x 2H 2 O Mg? 1 Cu? 1 O? 2 Cl? 2 H? 2 H? 4 O? 2 Ionic/Molecular Compounds Atoms are aggressive, reactive little beasts o Exceptions: inert gases (He, Ar, etc…), noble metals(Au) So… o Atoms React (2 diff ways) Molecules molecular compound : two or more nonmetals (H 2 O, CO 2 , N 2 O, O 2 ) Share e - Ions ionic compound : metal and nonmetal (NaCl, KBr, CaCl 2 ) Transfer e - Na + , Ca 2+ , Cl - (charged atoms) Held together by BONDS Ionic Compounds o Electrically neutral o Def: Cations- positive ions Formed by loss of e - ‘s Ex. Na Na + + 1e - Sodium Sodium Ion Anions- negative ions Formed by gain of e - ‘s Ex. O + 2e - O 2- Oxygen Oxide Ion Na 2 O
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o Hint: For main group elements, use group identity to remember common ionic charge NEEDED SKILL: writing formulas o Cation first o Maintain neutrality o Formula unit representation Na + Cl - o CaO (Ca 2+ , O2-) o
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Ch.2 Notes - Ch. 2 I. II. III. IV. V. Symbols/Formulas...

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