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Ch.10 Notes - one another and orient themselves as far...

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Chapter 10 Covalent Bonding: Molecular Structure o Consider the shapes of molecules and bonding theories which account for shapes and observed properties Molecular Geometry o Molecular shapes are important in determining physical/chemical properties o Molecules are often 3-dimensional o CH 4 and H 2 0 examples on paper o Lewis structures do not describe the shape or geometry of molecules o Lewis structures pictorially represent the bonds and lone pairs Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion (VSPER) Theory o Lewis Structure VSPER Theory Molecular shape o Main Idea: Electron pairs (bonding and lone pairs) surrounding an atom repel
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Unformatted text preview: one another and orient themselves as far apart as possible o RULES Determine Lewis Structure • For molecules with resonance structures, pick one of the structures Count the total number of electron pairs (bonding and lone pairs) around central atom • Multiple bonds count as a single pair Arrange pairs to minimize electron pair repulsions • Lone pairs require more space than bonding pairs (multiple bonds too) Name structure from positions of the atoms o FIVE CASES: 2 pairs • : -- A-- : • 180 O • Linear • e- pair geometry Rest of examples on paper...
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