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Chapter 10 Covalent Bonding: Molecular Structure o Consider the shapes of molecules and bonding theories which account for shapes and observed properties Molecular Geometry o Molecular shapes are important in determining physical/chemical properties o Molecules are often 3-dimensional o CH 4 and H 2 0 examples on paper o Lewis structures do not describe the shape or geometry of molecules o Lewis structures pictorially represent the bonds and lone pairs Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion (VSPER) Theory o Lewis Structure VSPER Theory Molecular shape o Main Idea: Electron pairs (bonding and lone pairs) surrounding an atom repel
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Unformatted text preview: one another and orient themselves as far apart as possible o RULES Determine Lewis Structure For molecules with resonance structures, pick one of the structures Count the total number of electron pairs (bonding and lone pairs) around central atom Multiple bonds count as a single pair Arrange pairs to minimize electron pair repulsions Lone pairs require more space than bonding pairs (multiple bonds too) Name structure from positions of the atoms o FIVE CASES: 2 pairs : -- A-- : 180 O Linear e- pair geometry Rest of examples on paper...
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