doudareva - Group Members Evgueniia Doudareva 995403558...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Group Members: Evgueniia Doudareva 995403558, Hani Omara 995303283 The work being submitted by all the individuals in the group is their exclusive work as a group. I consent to make available the application developed through Assignments 1 and 3 (not including my stud Application Description. ------------------------ The given E/R diagram is provided in order to illustrate the entities and the corresponding relationships wi The entities are Drugs, Manufacturer, Status, Y, N, Active Ingredients, Non-Medical Ingredients, Human, V Entities -------- Domains: DrugCode: char(8), DIN: char(8), GP_Flag: char(2), Accession Number: char(5), last Update: char(6), num Key (Drug Code, Active Ingredient Code) Domains: DrugCode: char(8), Active Ingredient Code: code, Ingredient: String. Domains: Drug_Name: String, Common_uses: String, How_to_use: String, side_effects: String Key: Drug_Name REF Drugs(Category) Domains: DrugCode: char(8), Manufacturer: String, City: String, Province: String, Country: String. Domains: DrugCode: char(8), Status: status(check Status = "Y" or "N"), Date_Of_Status_Change: char(10). Domains: DrugCode: char(8), Class: class(check Status = "Human"), Sex: sex(check Sex = "male" or "female"). Domains:
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doudareva - Group Members Evgueniia Doudareva 995403558...

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