MIE253 - MIE253 - ASSIGNMENT #1.1 Description The Canadian...

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MIE253 - ASSIGNMENT #1.1 Description The Canadian Drugs Database is intended for aiding the users conduct comprehensive research, selection, and prescription of drugs. The users of this database potentially include healthcare professionals and personnel who can use the database to find a specific drug based upon wide selection of criteria (such as active ingredients, drug identification number (DIN), or manufacturing company), or use it as an aid in recommending a specific drug based on information about the drug’s usage and side effects. The customers for the database are medical patients and general public who are interested in improving the efficiency of Canadian Health Care sector by means of aiding the professionals access the required information in a quick and reliable manner. The database contains data about the drugs that are currently approved for use by Health Canada and gives up-to-date information regarding their Status, Manufacturer, Active Ingredients, and Usage for drugs. The Drugs table contains general Simple Transactions DELETE FROM Drugs -- Remove Advil’s Data from the database WHERE Brand_Name IN ('ADVIL LIQUI-GELS') INSERT INTO Drugs (Drug_Code, Brand_Name, Product_Category, Class,
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MIE253 - MIE253 - ASSIGNMENT #1.1 Description The Canadian...

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