Lecture Notes Ch.1-5 - 8/16/07 Early America Millions of...

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Unformatted text preview: 8/16/07 Early America Millions of ppl in America Traveled across a land bridge abt 12,000 yrs old o Bridge btwn Siberia (Russia) and Alaska o Region is called Beringia Eurocentrism (idea that Christopher Columbus began America) Nomadic ppl; moved arnd, hunters/gatherers o Followed the coastline hunting o Spread all throughout western hemisphere o Slowly evolved into stationary tribes (agriculture) o Greater development of culture and societal functions (religious foundations, division of labor) Most populated: S. America, 2 nd : Mexico and Central America; Least populated: N. America o S. America: Incas-dominant tribe o Mexico/C. America- Mayans, Aztecs o N.America: Iroquois, Cherokee, Mohawks, Pueblos, etcno dominant tribe Inca Empire-largest empire in old world o South America o Developed roads and suspension bridges o No written language only oral tradition and pictographs o By 1500 ruled abt 10 million ppl o Wealthy in natural resources o Ultimately conquered by spain Aztec Empire o Mexico o Valley of mexico arnd 1400 AD o War-like aggressive ppl o Built pyramids, practiced human sacrifice, polytheistic o Ultimately conquered by spain N. American cultures developed depending on climate and geography o Mound builders o Sedentary o Lived near rivers and waterways Desert Cultures o Utah, Nevada, Arizona o Hunted small game o Seasonal migration o Collected berries and seeds; fished Southwest Cultures o New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona o Farming played a key role (maize) o Hunted o Hohokam and Anasazi tribes Northeast Tribes o Iroquois and Algonquin language groups o Lived around rivers o Mostly sedentary, hunting, and farming o Iroquois Confederation, created about 1450-1500 Several tribes joined including Mohawks, Cayugas, Oneidas, Onondagas, and Senecas Acted to limit warfare Had a constitution Elected a leader who worked for all tribes Made alliances when necessary 8/21/07 Europe and Exploration Europe is in the Middle Ages Land ownership limited o Serfs Agricultural society Feudal system Low, modest standard of living o Not a lot of meat, bland food Disease was common o Bad sanitary conditions Black Plague, 1347-1353 Roman Catholic Church dominated Europe traded w/ Africa and the far east o Marco Polos writings made it more popular Debate as to whether or not he traveled to far east, but his writings did make it more popular China became popular for trade in the 13 th century Islam also expanded during this time o Pushed into Europe o Expanded into Indonesia o Europe united to fight Muslims in the Crusades Portugal moved toward greater exploration o Prince Henry, the Navigator o 1420 expedition along African coast o Stayed w/in sight of land o Wanted to establish direct trade o Was all about the money o In 1434 Gil Eannes navigated beyond the sight of land Technology advanced to allow this Navigating by stars How currents flow...
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Lecture Notes Ch.1-5 - 8/16/07 Early America Millions of...

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