Maintenance Errors and Human Factors in Aviation (ASCI 490 Proposal)

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Running head: >>YOUR TOPIC TITLE HERE<< WARNING: Paper is stored on Turnitin & Vericite database. Only use this paper for reference and do not plagiarize. Plagiarism could result in an “Academic Integrity Violation” case and subsequent failure of the module. Maintenance Errors and Human Factors in Aviation By ?????? A Research Project Proposal Submitted to the Worldwide Campus In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement of Course ASCI 490, The Aeronautical Science Capstone Course, for the Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics Degree Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University January 2016
>>YOUR TOPIC TITLE HERE<< ***Remove “Running head” from the title starting from the 2nd page onwards*** 2 Abstract Despite the aviation industry having the most advanced technologies, with modern manufacturers incorporating cutting-edge features into their aircraft, there is still a substantial number of accidents and incidents caused by human errors. While Boeing safety statistics attribute 80% of all aviation accidents today to human errors (pilot, mechanic, or air traffic controller error, etc.), compared to just 20% in the last century, accidents caused by maintenance related human errors is understated. Today, maintenance errors are the second leading cause of airline accidents behind pilot error, where this phenomenon poses an increasingly greater threat to aviation safety. The purpose of this project will be to evaluate the relationship between maintenance related human factors errors and Part 145 aircraft maintenance organizations.