Suicide - increase in suicide Religion – passion is a very strong feeling and when a person has such a strong bond it can create many mixed

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The two major countries that have the highest suicide rates in Latin America and South America are Cuba and Guyana. They both have striking customs that differentiate them from the lower, other regions of Latin America and South America. Guyana Suicide rates in Guyana 42.5 Males 12.1 Females 27.2% per 100,000 Religion as a factor: There are various types of religious practices in Guyana. he major religions are Christian (chiefly Anglican and Roman Catholic) and Hindu. Fundamentalist Protestantism has made inroads in the 20th century, mainly in Georgetown. There is also a sizable minority of Muslims. Animistic religions are still practiced by some of the Amerindian peoples. Reasons: We feel that religion, economic plights, emigration, and much of society’s role have caused this
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Unformatted text preview: increase in suicide. Religion – passion is a very strong feeling, and when a person has such a strong bond it can create many mixed emotions. Also, it is to be noted that a major religion in Guyana is the Protestant religion. In many studies it can be shown that people that are Protestant, tend to have much for allowance for inquiry. This religion provides for greater freedom for thought to it also allows for a lower degree of social integration. Political situation (sot government)- the government of Guyana is considered a sot government. This type of government tends to be more oppressive, tyrannical, and unfavorable. Emigrants- high amounts of people leaving. Skilled workers have left the country....
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