AEM study exam with my own answers

AEM study exam with my own answers - 1 Match the following...

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1. Match the following constructs with their respective concepts a. Objectives of business b. Functional areas of business c. Functions of operations management d. Pricing strategies e. Members of the supply chain 2. Survival objectives of business 3. Growth objectives of business 4. Profit objectives of business 5. Social responsibility objectives of business 6. Marketing areas of business 7. Operations areas of business 8. Finance areas of business 9. Location operations 10. Layout operations 11. Scheduling management 12. Quality operaitons 13. Inventory operations 14. Skimming 15. Penetration 16. EDLP 17. High-low 18. Cost leadership 19. Suppliers supply chain 20. Manufacturers supply chain 21. Wholesalers supply chain 22. Retailers supply chain 23. Consumers supply chain 24. Match the following influences on career choice with their definition a. Education b. Interests c. Life experience d. Strengths e. Values 25. Knowledge or skill obtained or developed by a formal learning process education 26. Personal attitudes and motivators, what is important to you. values 27. Skills, personal qualities and knowledge strengths 28. The experience a person accumulates through interacting within a prevailing social environment life experience
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29. Your preferences for how you spend your time; things you like or enjoy. interests 30. In the following five questions, which of the following characterize business in the XX century? In the XXI century? a. Bureaucracy xxi b. Entrepreneurship xx c. Mass production xxi d. Virtual organizations xx e. Wage slavery xxi 31. XX century 32. XXI century 33. The main job of managers today is to watch over people to be sure they do what the manager asks of them a. True b. False 34. Today workers can expect to work for the same company for a lifetime a. True b. False 35. Managers in high-technology firms should respond to the fact that workers often know much more about technology than they do by emphasizing direction and supervision a. True b. False 36. As a management function, the main focus of controlling is to keep complete and
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AEM study exam with my own answers - 1 Match the following...

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