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5 - No 5 In configuration A 1” diameter steel and...

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Unformatted text preview: No 5. In configuration A, 1” diameter steel and aluminum bars are fitted between rigid plates (“just touching”). The bars are heated from 70 F to 300 F. ' 1, Calculate the axial stress in each bar. 2. Calculate the change in diameter in each bar. In configuration B, the same bars are pinned to a rigid link on the right side as shown and the link is subjected to a 1000 lb tensile load as shown. The bars are also heated from 70 F to 300 F. 1. Determine the state of axial stress and strain in the two bars. 2. Calculate the rotation of the rigid link. 3. Revise the statement of the problem so that the rigid link does not rotate. Hint: Change the materials, or the diameters, or the location or direction pf the 1000 lb load . ...
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