Civil Liberties - Civil Liberties (Not Civil Rights) o...

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Civil Liberties (Not Civil Rights) o Basic rights and freedoms guaranteed to individuals o Either explicitly identified in Bill of Rights or Constitution or come up in Judicial processes o “Negative Rights” (*) Restriction of government powers Declare what the government cannot do o The evolution/progression/regression Civil liberties are never absolute and change over time Civil Liberties Examples o Freedom of Speech o Freedom of Press o Freedom of Religion o Assembly (peaceful) o Right to Bear Arms o Right to Privacy o Habeas Corpus o Cruel/Unusual/Excessive Bail Origins/Sources of Civil Liberties(*) o Don’t always have to be explicitly written somewhere o Can be interpreted by the courts “Process of Incorporation” (*) o Incorporating liberties to be applied in the states over time
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Freedom of Religion o Establishment Clause vs. (*) Government will make no law that establishes religion Government must practice neutrality amongst religions in order so that minority religions have equal opportunity to practice their beliefs
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Civil Liberties - Civil Liberties (Not Civil Rights) o...

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