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Election - Hilary Clinton is for the withdrawal of troops...

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Kanwal Mirza Govt. 2301 Combs 1-22-08 2008 Election Until now, I had not yet made an effort to research the candidates for the 2008 presidential elections. After doing some research on their individual stances on different issues, I have come to the conclusion that Republican candidate, Ron Paul and Democrat candidate, Hilary Clinton hold the most similar positions as me on the various issues. The issue I feel most strongly about currently is the situation in Iraq and the president’s stance on national security and waging war. I do not think that the United States needs to meddle in the affairs of other countries and their governments. We should worry about our own country, economy, and government. Our top priorities should not include democratizing all the countries in the world. Instead we should focus on our own internal improvements. As far as national security goes, I agree that we need to defend our nation and its people but not by waging war ourselves.
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Unformatted text preview: Hilary Clinton is for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq but continuation of providing a certain amount of support and aid along with the United Nations. She wishes to reinforce defense and rebuild alliances with our former supporters. Ron Paul also supports the immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq and he supports non-intervention which I am a huge advocate of. I feel these two candidates best reflect my interests and personal beliefs. I am not surprised at all that the two candidates are from opposing parties, since I do not believe in blindly voting for a candidate from a certain party just because an individual claims to be a “republican” or a “democrat”. I believe each candidate should be examined individually and on their own platforms regardless of which political party they are representatives of. Kanwal Mirza Govt. 2301 Combs 1-22-08 2008 Election...
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