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Test 2 Leadership (Chapters 13 – 18) True/False or Multiple Choice/Foltz 1. In the global market place of the 21th Century, coaching could be used as a management style—instead of the traditional manager/leader approach to leading. 2. To gain the competitive edge, simply benchmark your competition and add a slightly different scenario such as Dell with Dell Computers: same technology as IBM and HP— only a different approach—online computer sales. 3. Someone who has a clear sense of the future and the action needed to get there is leading the organization with vision 4. Visionary leadership includes a person who will challenge the process, be enthusiastic and avoids celebrating the achievements of others. 5. When thinking about letter writing, simply apply the basic five basic letter parts properly formatted. 6. IT has become the multiplier in the global war against terrorism; IT is one of our most strategic investments in collaboration. 7. The ability to influence behavior by virtue of one’s organizational position or status is using expert power 8. The board of governance in corporate America influenced the Board of Directors to incorporate ethics, expensing of stock and pay for performance as part of the new guidance needed in corporation in the 21st Century. 9. Reference power is the capability to influence other people because they desire to identify personally with the power source. 10. Today's managers cannot achieve success in the workplace without giving up some power through empowerment. 11 . Transformational leadership is characterized by traits such as charisma and related qualities supporting innovation and large scale change. 12. New-form organizations in the 21th century would include a. shared power b. communication c. cooperation d. participation e. all of these 13. Personal traits considered important for leaders include integrity, honesty, integrity, and self-confidence. 14. Leadership behavior theories define leadership styles on the basis of a leader's concern for people and task. Foltz                                                           5/7/09                                                      3100
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15. Leaders who are high in consideration will exhibit behavior that is warm and respectful of the follower's feelings. 16. Michael Dell and Arthur Blank would be representative of a transactional leader. 17. Leaders who are high in initiating structure set clear work standards and monitor task performance results. 18. Leaders who develop special leader-follower relationships and inspire others in extraordinary ways are called charismatic leaders, which is transactional leadership. 19.
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Exams-MGT-3100-2003-Summer-Foltz - Test 2 Leadership...

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