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Exams-MGT-4160-2003-Summer-Adams - Please write in ink(10...

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Mgt 4160, Organizational Behavior Exam I, Summer 2003 Dr. Adams Name__________________________________ Part I: Multiple Choice: Select the best answer from among those given. Answer on the scantron in pencil. (2 points each) Indicate in the spaces below which two multiple choice questions you elect to drop from the exam. Please omit MC question # ________ Please omit MC question # ________ Part II: Short Answers: Answer on this sheet in the spaces provided. (5 points each) 33. The dependent variable in the field of organizational behavior is ____________ ______________________or __________________________________________ 34. Define negative reinforcement and punishment and give examples of each. Part III: Essays: Select one question from each pair below (a total of three questions ), and answer thoroughly on the paper provided.
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Unformatted text preview: Please write in ink. (10 points each) 35. Identify and discuss the four factors that influence individual behavior and performance. How can each factor be influenced? 36. Describe the components of the ABC model of behavior modification and discuss how learning occurs according to this model. 37. How can we improve the accuracy of our perceptions of others in organizations? 38. Discuss the psychological dimensions identified by Jung and measured in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. 39. List and discuss the dimensions of emotional intelligence. How can EI be improved? 40. What is the relationship between job satisfaction and job performance? Job satisfaction and organizational commitment? Job satisfaction and customer satisfaction? What can be done to build organizational commitment?...
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