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Interest Groups - Interest groups Organized body of...

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Interest groups— Organized body of individuals that try to influence politics o Lobbies & lobbyists Most talking done in the lobby of the legislature o Single-issue v. multi-issue groups o Pluralism Member of a variety of a number groups o Growth of corporate IG’s Growing faster and faster o Income vs. participation The less money you make the less time you have to participate Higher income the more you want to protect your money/interests o IG’s advocate change through(*): Electioneering Direct lobbying Grass roots lobbying A lot of voters supporting you Letter writing Litigation Use courts to gain legislation IG’s use the easiest method ^^^ o Voter Apathy Most people are uninterested or apathetic Uninformed o Linkage between people and government Interest groups vs. political parties
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Politicians use interest groups to find out what the interests are of their constituents because they are a better representation
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