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Political Parties - o Rational parties Promise whatever...

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Political Parties o Parties/Party Systems o Evolution of Parties in US o Two Parties vs. Multiparty Critical Elections/ Realignments(*) o The normal/expected vote o Winning independents o 4 criteria of Critical Elections (v.o. key) (*) Cross cutting cleavage Major crisis Durable shifts May produce new parties or new party systems 5 or 6 Party systems o 1. o 2. o 3. o 4. o 5. o 6. (?) 4 types of Elections (*) o 1. Re-instating Previous party regains control after deviating election o 2. Maintaining Same party maintains control o 3. Critical/Realigning Long time VO Keys o 4. Deviating Shift in party control temporary Growth of independents o Dealignments(*) Less people with intense loyalties to political parties Rational vs. responsible (*) o Rational choice: how much do you get out of what you put in
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Unformatted text preview: o Rational parties: Promise whatever they can to get you to vote o Responsible parties: promise you what they believe they can actually deliver o Tactics of rationals Convergence • Capture median voters by shifting your rhetoric • Hotelling Ambiguity • Can’t pin down their views they stay ambiguous so they don’t lose voters • Risk averse (*) o Don’t trust ambiguity • Risk acceptant (*) o Accept ambiguity and vote for them anyway because they trust • V.O Keys aspects of Political parties o Party-as- organization Exist at all levels of govt o Party-in-electorate Accumulation of people that belong to that party o Party-in-government...
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Political Parties - o Rational parties Promise whatever...

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