Ch. 2 US Constitution - Social Contracts o Definition of a...

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Social Contracts o Definition of a Social Contract o Rules in a Social Contract o Democracy as a social contract The American Experiment o Failure of the Articles of Confederation o A “New” Constitution o Virginia Plan o New Jersey Plan o Connecticut or Great Compromise o Uniqueness of the Constitution o Amending / Changing It Conclusion Basis of Government o Founding of America government involved choices over the social contract that would be used to organize society. o Why do we need a government / social contract? Protect the pe ac e. Protect individual liberty, rights, a nd welfare. Provide public goods. Provide p articular goods that m arkets do not Social Contracts o To solve the problems that are bigger than individuals and not adequately handled by markets, we can implement a social contract. o What is the social contract? The social contract is a trans actional arrange m e nt b etwe en the m e m b ers of society. a n a gre e m ent to surrend er the right to use pure violence or sanctions so that there m order in society. The social contract est ablishes the rules which are used to organize society a nd govern m ent. What types of rules may be specified? o Each type of rule may be one of several types: Rule Types Positions / Boundaries Action Authority Aggregation Scope Inform ation Payoffs Description Who can exercise power? What actions are p er missible? Who d ecides? How do individual actions interact? What can b e decided? Who knows what?
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Who benefits from choices Rule Configurations and Regimes o Different combinations of rules produce different governments. Monarchy: Rule by a single person based on divine right
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Ch. 2 US Constitution - Social Contracts o Definition of a...

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