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Week 9 Summaries and Questions

Week 9 Summaries and Questions - Chris Morita WAC 22 Week 9...

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Chris Morita / 12-02-2005 / WAC 22 Week 9 Summaries and Questions Ch. 13 Occupational Folklore Occupational folklore is any of the numerous genres of folklore, the only requirement being that it conveys some part of the occupational culture. Recently it has become much more popular for folklorists to study because the work force has grown so large. With so many people spending numerous daily hours together it goes without saying that the sharing of experiences is going to be very common. To begin a collection project on occupational folklore it would be best to choose a site you are already familiar with, or know people who are familiar with it. There are two principle ways to begin collecting data. One is that you interview one or two people and document all the various genres they are able to come up with. The second approach is to choose a certain area of folklore, and interview a wide variety of people on the subject. The ethics about
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