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1. Which form of taxation is not used in Texas? 2. income tax 2. The collection of taxes and other state revenues is the responsibility of the 4. comptroller of public accounts. 3. The Texas legislature writes a _____ budget. 3. biennial
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4. Which of the following is the best definition of a dedicated fund? 3. portions of the state budget that are mandated to be spent in specific ways, such as for Medicaid payments 5. Why do Texas budgets not run into debt? 4. The Texas constitution places several limitations on the ability of the legislature to get into debt. 6. What limits does the Texas constitution place on welfare spending?
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3. No more than 1 percent of the budget may be used for welfare spending. 7. What are the two most important agencies or offices responsible for preparing the Texas state budget? 3. the Legislative Budget Board and the comptroller 8. What is the greatest source of revenue for Texas? 2. taxes
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Which of the following is not taxed in Texas? 1. alcohol 2. All of the above are taxed in Texas. 3. utilities 4. gasoline 10. Sales and use taxes in Texas have led some to complain that the tax system in Texas is too 4. regressive. 11.
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