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Week 8A Lecture Notes 11/21/05 Family folklore Family is folk group because all the people are related so have that in common. Family folklore could include passed on narratives, games, songs, names of everybody. -oral history of the family, not quite equivalent to factual history. It’s still history yet it is colored by the teller and also changes because of the audience. Also changes bc of purpose of being told. -family stories: any story about a family member, past or present. Can include slight shiftings in the story to make it sound better. Generally show the family at their best, unless about the black sheep. The topics are generally unusual. Specific topic is the lost family fortune (if we wouldn’t have sold that land, we would have become millionaires bc it ended up being Beverly hills). -stories reflect the family’s world view, values, ideals. >Folklorists became interested in family folklore in the 60’s and 70’s (took awhile bc small group) -story telling becomes even more important when they don’t see each other all of the
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