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Week 7B Lecture Notes 11-16-2005 Cultural performance : people create altars for Day of the Dead in which the community presents itself to other people. Instead of being more of a closed celebration, they may do it in an open area. Public. Veteran’s Day 1 st called armistice day which was to represent WWI as the war to end all wars, but after WWII realized it wasn’t’ at changed Veteran’s day to be a celebration of all those who have been in war. Mardi Gras (carnival- giving up meat ): this is right before Ashe Wednesday on the Tuesday. Ashe Wednesday is the first day of lent. So Mardi Gras is when would eat all the fatty foods that you wouldn’t be able to have during lent. Is a day of excess including drinking, eating, sex. It is a celebration to get everything out of your system. Is not an official day. Have reversals where a normal rules of society are turned upside down. In America done in New Orleans bc in south is heavily catholic and has French traditions. -in new Orleans people throw beads.
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