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Exam 3 - EXAM THREE 9:22 AM Dear Scholars As I announced in...

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EXAM THREE March 29, 2008 9:22 AM Dear Scholars: As I announced in class, the date for the third exam has been moved. It will not take place this coming Thursday 3 April. The third exam will take place on Thursday 10 April. The essay possibilities include: World War II (which could be broken down into different topics such as: European aspects, Pacific war, US homefront), the origins of and early Cold War, social/cultural aspects of the 1950s, and political aspects of the 1950s. The corresponding chapters from the text are: 22, 23, 24. World War II o Growing tensions, fighting around the world by the end of the 1930s Japan: occupied Manchuria in China in 1931 League of Nations does not help US does not help 1933 Japan withdraws from LON (League of Nations) Japan-China truce, 1933-36 War again in 1937 Japan wants “Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere” o Expand natural resources o Expand influence Italy: Benito Mussolini in power since 1922 Fascist government Becomes dictator in 1925 Invades Ethiopia in 1935 Occupied Albania in April 1939 Germany: Rise of Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist Democratic Party Hitler fought in WWI Believed in the “stabbed in the back” theory 1/1933 named Chancellor of Germany 4/1933 boycott of Jewish stores begins 10/1933 Germany leaves LON 3/1935 Germany begins to re-arm 9/1935 Nuremburg Laws passed 3/1936 occupy the Rhineland 3/1938 Austria is annexed: “anschluss” 9/1938 Sudetenland occupied
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9/1938 Munich conference 8/1939 Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact 9/1939 Invasion of Poland begins WWII o US and isolationism New Deal programs still in effect in US Disillusioned over WWI Never joined LON WWI viewed as mistake Great Depression NYE Committee report: “merchants of death” Neutrality Acts of 1935,36,37 No sale of war material to belligerents Americans sail at their own risk Banned loans to belligerents Trade in a “cash and carry” policy Neutrality Act of 1939 FDR concerned about Allies Germany ripped through Poland in Sept. 1939 Allies can buy arms but still cash and carry o Poland invaded , GB and France declare war on Germany Germany used Blitzkrieg tactics Lightening war France, GB prepare for Germany to invade o Phony War Hot was in May 1949: Manstein plan France surrenders in June 1949 Fell in 35 days British evacuate many of their forces at Dunkirk o Dunkirk Battle of Britain, summer 1940 Air battle over Britain British hold off Germany o US In US, FDR decides to run for a third term FDR: “your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign wars.” He does sign the Burke-Wadsworth Act- (a draft or selective service, the first ever peace time draft) Increases defense funding Destroyers for bases executive order The Arsenal of Democracy Lend-Lease Act, 1941 Battle of the Atlantic German U-boats FDR expanded American neutrality zone Used US escorts for British ships
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