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1. Which of the following are morphological classifications for neurons? (be careful with question like these I got this one wrong once because I didn’t understand the difference in “classification and type” of neurons) a. Astrocyte – is a type of cell b. Monopolar/Unipolar - One axon and no dendrite ( sensory, Dorsal Root Ganglia, Cranial Nerve Ganglia) c. Multipolar - one axon and many dendrites (motor or integrating; ventral horn in spine) Pseudounipolar – one axon and no dendrite (sensory, DRG, CNG) Bipolar – one axon and one dendrite (sensory, eye, olfactory epthelium) always will have one axon but dendrites can vary in number* d. Dipolar – this was almost a trick question but the spelling was off e. Sensory – 2. The specific region of a neuron where an action potential is initiated is the Axon Hillocks . Postsynaptic Terminal : place were receptors are held to receive NT (does not have be located on dentrite) Dendrite : receives impulses Soma (body): cell body Axon Hillock : where action potential is produced Axon : carrier of the action potential Myelin Sheath : helps to propagate (transmit) action potential quickly Neurolemma: outmost layer of myelin sheath Node of Ravier : small patches on an axon that lacks myelin sheath and has high density of Na/K channels Saltatory Conduction: action potential jump from node to node Presynaptic Terminal : axon terminal and place were neurotransmitters (NT) are stored and released Synapse (Synaptic cleft) : site of communication of two neurons/ space between 3. Which of the following men would fondle the bumps on your head if he wanted to get to know you better? a. Albertus Magnus b. Sir Thomas Willis – discovered the area of the brain were blood flows and the area was named after him: Circle of Willis d. Franz Joseph Gall e. Galen - treating Gladiators reports behavioral changes due to head trauma, performed neurosurgeries. Hippocrates(“Father of Medicine”) discusses epilepsy as a disturbance of the brain. Plato : believes brain is seat of mental process Aristo : tlebelieves heart is seat of mental process Herophilus ("Father of Anatomy"); believes ventricles are seat of human intelligence. Broca : “Tan” – showed that speech was located in an area of the brain (left Hemisphere) 4. Which descriptions best fit the function of an interneuron (like interstate highway; they are roadway to help travelers to travel in between states) ?
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a. Carriers input from the outside world into the nervous system – I do believe this is a nerve ending b. Carries info between the internal organs/glands and the nervous system – if you think about this there is really nothing in between nerves and what they are innervating. c. Carries info between different neurons
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ExamPracticeTest1 - 1 Which of the following are...

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