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Leif Ericson The son of Eric the Red, the discoverer of Greenland, Leif Ericson had exploring in his blood. A tall, strong, and shroud man Ericson was motivated to find great fame. We gather information about Ericson from both the Greenlander’s and Eric’s saga. In these sagas there are missing gaps, so we must infer information. After many years of preparing Leif Ericson felt like it was the right to explore. He wanted his father to go but his father did not feel like it was right to go. Leif Ericson believed that his ship would help him get there, so he took no maps or compasses. His dream was to fulfill his father’s footsteps of having his name in history. Leif and his crew left Markland and found land, which they named Vinland
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Unformatted text preview: because of its natural qualities. They landed and built a small settlement. They survived by whaling, fishing, and hunting. They searched for other settlements and natural resources. Half of the settlement would stay and keep the settlement and the other half would explore the area. Many historians disagree on the exact location of Vinland. Some believe that Vinland was what is now New England; others believe that it is the Northern tip of Newfoundland. People who believe that Vinland is present-day Newfoundland believe that the Vikings would not have gone too far south because it would have been too far from the homelands and would have been too difficult....
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