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Secrets of Jamestown on a fourth building The fourth building is of a different building style and shows that there was an upper class in Jamestown After a decade of excavating 20% of the fort has been dup up More than 500,000 artifacts have been found including amour, weapons, cleavers, irons, bells, food picks, etc. A 400 year old well was found in which many artifacts were found These new artifacts tell us that the colony may have done better than historians thought They have found that the colonists made glass and sent it back to England They also grew different plants that were sent back to England to treat different diseases More people were working than historians once thought
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Unformatted text preview: • There were dozens of growing sites which tells that they were successful at growing things • They are now know founding bodies and finding more about there lives • A boy age seventeen-nineteen who had a very healthy childhood was found that was accidently shot in the knee • Underneath a trash pit a high-end coffin was found which tells us the man inside was very powerful • The man was found to be Bartholomew Gosnold who was one of the main driving forces behind the keeping of Jamestown • Bartholomew Gosnold named Martha’s Vineyard after his daughter • We now know more about the settlers and how they lived...
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