His plays were little known until the Royal court Theatre

His plays were little known until the Royal court Theatre -...

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His plays were little known until the Royal court Theatre. His initial success was felt in the United States in Germany. . His plays are performed more than those of any other play write except Shakespeare. He combined some of his plays into a book entitled Plays: Pleasant and Unpleasant. He decided to write drama after realizing the possibilities. He was sometimes called the “2 nd Shakespeare.” George Bernard Shaw revolutionized British drama. He ignored the traditional English drama conventions. He had a superb sense of language and verbal structure. He had keen dialect and sharp verbal wit. His humor was unmatched by his contemporaries. His plays used ironic tones and paradoxes to question seriousness. He wrote his plays with great élan and perception of the world. His plays were original, witty, and opinioned. He added color and vitality to contemporary life and the period. Conventional ideas were inverted to shock the public. He had hilarious absurdity and crushing seriousness of life, and radical rationalism.
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Unformatted text preview: His plays were verbose. His plays include wit, challenging ideas, forceful characters, and vigorous, eloquent dialogue. He puzzled audiences with their analytical views. His themes were at the time inappropriate and unconventional, which were emphasized through comedy. He thought humor could balance seriousness. His plays pointed out the multiple errors of current social order with its inhumanity, wastefulness, and inefficiency. He popularized reformist and critical intelligence. He also judged worth by social utility His themes also deal with each character. His protagonists battled with religion, manners, customs, and politics. The characters were also witty, sophisticated and vivid and highly articulate about themselves and situations. His works of over sixty plays now appear in 36 volumes. He had brilliant dialogue in the topics of religion, politics, money, science, marriage and art....
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