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Week 8B Lecture Notes - not except you though.-Ethnic group...

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Week 8B Lecture Notes 11/23 Ethnic Folklore - Ethnic Folklore is a large grouping of folklore genres dealing with certain ethnic groups. - ethnicity : is a culture based on a shared language, customs, and place of origin. Comes from Greek word Ethnos (means nation) and new testament Greek Ethnikos (sense of heathen or pagan). Most people consider it to be non white bc people forget that there are many different types of white ethnicities. -Members of an ethnic group share and identify with a historically derived cultural tradition or style, and this style or tradition can be explicit behaviors (everyone sees: ex are dress, gestures, foods eaten, anything easily noticed by outsider) and implicit ideas (world views). -possible to have chosen ethnicity bc you are so often immersed in it, such as those who learn another language, eat the food, learn the customs. Sometimes the community does
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Unformatted text preview: not except you though.-Ethnic group is part of larger social group instead of a nationality (French, German). Ethnic group is when in a small cultural group.-Practice/perform ethnicity through folklore. -situational identity : identify with different ethnic groups depending on social situation.-ethnic groups can have different class behaviors. -we define our own group and how we present ourselves (esoteric), yet others define our groups (exoteric)fuck > Apodaca said race is a skin color that is culturally defined. Culture is the way someone lives: eat, dress. Nationality is which flag you salute, political citizens. Ethnicity is what feels like home, small group in a larger group. Everyone is all of these things. If all of these layers looked at gives a more accurate portrayal of someone, instead of just a stereotype....
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