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Proposal - Blackberry they don’t want to ever put it down...

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Proposal Mike Allenberg The Blackberry Handheld device seems to have quickly impacted the world with its sophisticated typing and the ability to stay connected to email and Internet from practically anywhere worldwide. But the Blackberry actually hit the market in 1984 and it wasn’t until recently that the little device became a phenomena. It’s almost guaranteed that any businessperson will be holding one of these little devices and even more likely they will be staring mindlessly into the screen. I think that the way the world is rapidly changing how we send and receive information and Blackberries are leading the way. I believe that these devices are going to keep evolving and soon replace computers which is why I feel writing about this is worth the time. I initially thought about writing about cell phones in general or the apple iphone but I ruled both out because cell phones are so broad and the iphone is less then two years old. From the time anyone picks up a
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Unformatted text preview: Blackberry they don’t want to ever put it down. It feels sleek, smooth but is very lightweight as well. And there really is not much of a down size to its appearance. I chose to write about the Blackberry because I like up and coming technology and I do own a Blackberry. Until you use or own one you may not believe how amazing they are. People always say they just need a phone to make calls but I think that phones are going to become the new computer and who knows what else it may do in the future. I am going to try and keep this as much as a description of the Blackberry and less a narrative because it has so much information and it is still a relatively new device that it shouldn’t be to hard to stay on track. I hope that my audience will go check out blackberries if they have never used one and hopefully get on the bandwagon of blackberry users....
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Proposal - Blackberry they don’t want to ever put it down...

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