English Kitchen

English Kitchen - This kitchen could fit dozens of people...

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Mike Allenberg The place where the family always gathered was the kitchen. It was full of bright colors that could bring joy to anyone having a bad day. Boom! Just like that the room would become full of giggling. The kitchen was set up to allow giant gatherings of friends and family. The Front of the kitchen was full of paintings and designed to allow brilliance to enter the room with an enormous sunroof. And next to that room was an enormous restaurant booth that sat an astounding twelve people. There was also an island in the center of the room that contained magnificent shade of blue. The light captivated the entire room and made the kitchen the ultimate dining area. Old and Filthy, But loved by all who accepted the kitchen for what it was. It did not matter how marvelous or entertaining the kitchen was because it stood for much more the cosmetic appearance. Although it was lacking in beauty it made up for that in the size.
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Unformatted text preview: This kitchen could fit dozens of people and allow for glorious times to be had for all who could see through the kitchen and see its true beauty. It may have been covered in mud and smudges but that just was a symbol of fun times that were enjoyed by all who had visited this old filthy kitchen. And it’s not the quality in this case but the quantity that made this an extremely loved area. A kitchen is more then just a place to eat or enjoy another’s company. It is also a disturbingly cheerful place where all who entered left with a jolly grin on there face. The kitchen was full of photos that could bring all kinds of happy faces to all who entered. And the dining area was extravagantly designed to allow the colors to glow bright in the sun light, which fell through the sunroof. And the refrigerator had mass amounts of post cards and letters because this was obviously would bring back happy times every time it was used....
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English Kitchen - This kitchen could fit dozens of people...

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