Week 2B Reading Notes

Week 2B Reading Notes - Week 2B Reading Notes Barnouw...

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Week 2B Reading Notes Barnouw 84-100: Advocate John Grierson He felt that film had become the medium at which could have power over peoples actions. Most citizens needed to be educated on problems of society so not be apathetic. By dramatizing issues could lead viewers. -Grierson met Flaherty in US and the two had love hate relationship, bc Grierson respect him as father of documentary but dislike his style and obsession with the primitive. -Eisenstein’s editing techniques were major influence in Grierson film ideas. -1925 London Film Society was created one of the first cine-clubs. In past seen films such as Mannahatta, and Berlin: Symphony of the City. During the depression many cine- clubs were becoming leftward. - Drifters was his first film and first shown for the London Film Society in 1929. Made British working men seem to heroes which was revolutionary in itself. -Became creative organizer at the Empire Marketing Board (EMB) from 1930 to 1933 staff grew from two to over 30. Grierson had little experience except for the first film but assumed a god like position in the company. Working hours were limitless. -EMB had problems with sound bc had very little equipment. -Film Industrial Britain (1933) was filmed by Robert Flaherty. Although use his footage the film looked like a Grierson film. The difference between Grierson and Flaherty easy to note and always pointed out by Grierson. -Grierson believe he was a propagandist first and filmmaker second.
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Week 2B Reading Notes - Week 2B Reading Notes Barnouw...

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