Week 3A Lecture Notes

Week 3A Lecture Notes - Week 3A Lecture Notes 10/18/05...

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Week 3A Lecture Notes 10/18/05 >US political movement in documentaries Progressive movements at time: Womens rights- women’s suffrage, Labor Unions, Muckracking period- investigative reporters. Events: Red scare and Depression Cultural Context: Use still photography in social activism to help with problems, Hollywood dominate film and stay away from issues/controversy even in newsreels. More Conservative. Only way to express ideas/views was through documentaries. >New York (political/artistic center of US) Had New York Film and Photo League w members such as Paul Stand- Mannahatta When the march on Washington occurred were the NY League was part took part in making Hunger during the depression which gave voice/perspective of marchers. Barnouw “we start with Newsreel documents which are then exploited in a revolutionary way” (don’t quote unless find in book). >Nykino is new film league (outside mainstream / try in inflict great social change) Jorvis Ivens makes political films as part of league. >Lorentz became for America like John Grierson was in British Movement. Both work together with govt. FDR period was more motivated toward social change (progressive) Lorentz more of a filmmaker then Grierson bc write, produce, and edit instead of just produce. Still filmmaker to extent bc its his vision and he’s the writer. Nowadays filmmaker cant run camera, edit, bc of union laws anyway and is still
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Week 3A Lecture Notes - Week 3A Lecture Notes 10/18/05...

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