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07FH4ans - Chem 331 Br Br O-H NaOH H HO C OH C H HO H Cl N...

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pH = 10 F O OH O OH OH OH H H HO 2. (10 points) Draw the structure of B , and explain why it was formed. 3. (10 points) Draw an arrow-pushing mechanism for the following transformation. 1. (10 points) Label each pair as "diastereomers", "enantiomers", or "same". Fall 2007 Homework #4 due: 10 a.m. Mon. Oct 1st Name ____key_______________
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Unformatted text preview: Chem 331 Br Br O-H NaOH H HO C OH C H HO H Cl N Cl N A B C 12 H 21 BrO 2 OH Br O OH diastereomer same Br O O Both the acids will be ionized, so the less acidic will make the more nucleophilic carboxylate. The primary bromide is more reactive than is the secondary bromide. OH O OH Br O O H HO O O O O O O...
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